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Flight Simulator
+ Application Name
Real-Time HOST and Cockpit Interface System for Full Flight Simulator
+ Purpose
RRTNgine is the system to run all aircraft models and environment models in real-time.
RTNgine drivers all real and simulated instruments in cockpit during the simulation.
+ Functional Description
RTNgine is a core system for full flight simulator. All models of aircraft, 6DOF, engine, navigation and environment are running on RTNgine. RTNgine controls real instruments of CDU-7000, MFD, V/UHF Communication devices in real-time mode. It is one of biggest works of RTNgine to driver over 100 kinds of simulated instruments, switchs, and panels in cockpit. RTNgine communicates with Visual, IOS, Motion platform and others through SCRAMNet interface.
Distributed Interactive Simulation System
It is developed an applied system of RTNgine for DISS(Distributed Interactive Simulation System in Flight Dynamic and Control Laboratory) that could simulate the multiplex simulation aircraft at the same battle field.
The DISS is worked the real-time simulation and the full IO tested system with using the many of COTS CPU and vxWorks OS, included to communicate with additional HILS system in the outside.
In additional, this system set up the new hardware and software in the established cockpit for communicate with the new system of inquiring purpose. It works the beam project for the Mini- Dome of DIMM MMI system and video is offered the tested box and signal junction box for interfacing the another simulation aircraft with an outside interlocked system.
P-3CK Simulator
The RTNgine is used simulation system that is communicated the host computer with the cockpit IO system of using the real-time IO interface function.
The RTNgine is worked the 100+ instrument, switch and panel in the cockpit system.
The IO control software of RTNgine system had controlled the input and output data between the inside system of flight deck and host computer in real-time and could operate the fundamental function inspection the many of instrument, panel and IO board.
KO-1 CPT Realtime Host and IO System
The main computer/IO system has the interface function between the IO system of cockpit and the simulation software including the real-time status control of KO-1 imitation software. The main computer/IO system has the managed computer, main computer, IO computer, IO interface board, VME Subrack, 19” Cabinet Rack and signal junction Panel. The system hardware consists of COTS(Commercial Off-The-Shelf). The managed computer could diagnose and observe the CPT to each of sub structure computer system (that is, main computer, IO computer, IOS,CLS, picture, audio, imitation computer). The main computer operated the aircraft simulation software of KO-1 in real-time, worked the real-time transmission data by interlocking with CPT of sub structure computer system. The IO computer offers the interface that instrument system in front KO-1 CPT cockpit.