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Avionics/FCC Test Station
+ Application Name
MC/FCC Engineering Test Station
+ Purpose
RTNgine is a system to verify and validate the OFP of Avionics Mission Computer and Flight Control Computer in ground.
+ Functional Description
RTNgine supports 3 channel redundant MC and FCC simultaneously. It can make real data for MC and FCC using models or from the hardware systems of GPS/INS simulator, 3 axis motion table and actuator.
The real data is bringing to MC and FCC with real interface of MIL-STD-1553B, Arinc429, CAN, ADIO and serial buses. RTNgine can emulate all MIL-STD-1553B signals to FCC to test FCC without mission computer. RTNgine supports error injection unit, digital multimeter and power supply for MC and FCC. It has function to calibrate analog signals and test RTNgine itself.
UAV Engineering Test Station
The verification and test device of aircraft control system is the basic system of RTNgine that is inspected the IO signal and the OFP inspection of loading FLCC (Flight Control Computer). The ETS IO Image software is loaded and worked at the ETS IO CPU, function of writing and reading the IO signal of FLCC and cycle function by controlling the ETS IO signal.
And, the tested image software that is the tested software by using basic IO signal of FLCC hardware , is loaded and worked at ETS IO CPU.
The tested image software saves the result of the tested all IO signal by using to communicate with the FLCC in RS422.