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GPS Guidance Bomb HILS
The HILS system is equipment that is checked the ECU function as actual flying environment and same conditions and sends the similar data as actual flying environment from Control Computer to RTSC (Real Time Simulation Computer).
The HILS system interlocks the RTSC with the FCU and measure the RTSC of control commands that is the performance and result of actual flying command.
At this time, it could check the result of transmitted of GUI.
The AHRS module of FCU sets up the triaxial on moving table, is applied the real measured angular velocity and posture data.

The RTSC software is the H/W Simulation, the S/W Simulation Module and the interface Module with outside equipment. One is the IMU, the moving controller and the wring motor, another are the H/W Simulation Module and environmental module and 6Dof.