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Technologies applied to RTNgine product
+ Expert skill or knowledge in a real-time OS field Real-time OS based Firmware level development
- BSP, Device Driver
+ Real-time OS based Programming technology
- Real-time task manager, I/O Monitoring
- Real-time Scheduler
- PowerPC Altivec Signal/Image processing
+ Application skill or knowledge in a real-time OS field
- Duplex/Triple Software development
- Fault Tolerant System development
- Real-time Communication and Interface MIL-STD-1553, ARINC429, CAN, AIO, DIO, Rocket IO, RFM, SCRAMNet,
  Fiber Channel… etc
- IR Image Data Image processing Algorithm development
- Real-time OS based Graphic technology X-Window, OpenGL
+ System Integration technology
+ Real-time Embedded System Design and Integration
- VME, cPCI, VPX, PC based
+ User Interface Windows programming
+ Real-time Flight test equipment Interface
- Radar, Telemetry, GPS etc.
+ Flight Simulator development
+ The Field of Applications
+ Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation
+ Flight Simulation
+ Automotive Simulation and Testing
+ Mission Avionics Test System
+ FCC Engineering Test Station
+ Rapid prototyping of a system