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Realtimewave is an experienced supplier of real-time avionics SIL (System Integration Laboratory), HILS (Hardware In the Loop Simulation) and ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) systems for the Defense & Aerospace industry. We have key technologies and diverse experience in the development of avionics systems including SIL, HILS, manned and unmanned (UAV) weapons test benches, missile guidance control HILS, satellite launcher SIL, autonomous vehicle control HILS. We have manufacturing, integration, and testing capability for avionics equipment and flight control equipment.

Through the execution of strategic Defense & Aerospace projects, we have proven the completeness, superiority and reliability of our products. Since our establishment in 2002, Realtimewave has continued to invest in Research and Development resulting in our core software products, RTNgine™ and TestNgine(MachATE™), which are 100% owned and developed by Realtimewave. RTNgine and TestNgine provide localization of important technologies to the South Korean Defense & Aerospace market with equal or superior performance compared to foreign products. Our products represent a momentous new chapter in the South Korean integrated real-time test market; we have reduced the cost of access to foreign technology, we provide domestic technical support, and, because of our key role as technology provider and integrator, we have played a major role in the reduction of development term.

RTNgine and TestNgine are used by more than 80 projects since launching in 2009 and 2011, with over 40 million USD in sales (~2018). However, we remain focused on developing new products that satisfy our customers' needs. In addition, in order to become a global leader, we are making constant efforts to export our products to major overseas aircraft system manufacturers. We are working hard to continually reinvent ourselves as a growing company, able to stand tall in the world market.