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AIT's ARINC 615A Data Loader (A615A-LDR) is a software tool supporting TFTP/a615A data loading via the standard ethernet (IEEE 802.3) network interface of any PC or laptop.
- Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Windows 2000/XP/Vista
- Multiple, Simultaneous Data Loading operations
- Support for ARINC 615A-1 and 615A-2
- Save and Load Configurations and Download Files
- Configurable Connections to Target at TFTP and 615A Levels
- TFTP Message Logging
- DLP Protocol File Logging
- Quick Look Download Status Displays/Error Warnings
AIT's A615A-LDR does not require a proprietary computing platform. It is ideal for the ARINC 615A-compliant LRUs for the A380, B787 and B747-8. Several aircraft LRUs can be scheduled for simultaneous data load.
AIT's A615A-LDR includes a simple GUI for performing the functions specified in ARINC 615A applications, including :'Find,'
'Get Info,' 'Operator Defined Download,' 'Media Defined Download' and 'Upload.' The GUI also provides the ability to list all ARINC 615A-compliant systems resident on the aircraft Local Area Network (LAN), the available Loadable Software Airplane Part (LSAP) sources and a window for scheduling target systems and LSAPs to be loaded.
A log file is captured containing the actions performed during the load session. The log file can be automatically transferred to a designated directory on the customer network when the data load session is completed or terminated by the operator.
The A615A-LDR also includes an Application Programmer's Interface (API) enabling a user to embed the Data Loader functions within their own application.
Click here to download AIT's ARINC 615A Data Loader Datasheet