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AIT's APG-FC4 SimulyzerTM is a multi-function, high performance, intelligent Fibre Channel interface testing module. It features both data generation/simulation and monitor/analyzer functions for testing and verification of nodes and/or switches communicating via the international communication protocol standards of Fibre Channel. Fibre Channel has been selected for modernization programs on the USAF F-16, USN F-18, as well as in the USN F-22, USAF F-35 JSF, USAF B-2, and USN E-2D.
The AIT family of Fibre Channel test and simulation products are designed for a wide range of applications, from test and simulation, monitoring and analysis, to verification and validation tools. All Fibre Channel products utilize multiple processors with large onboard RAM. A PowerPC processor runs the driver software onboard, minimizing host CPU interaction, enabling autonomous operation with minimal interaction during time-critical applications.
The AIT's Fibre Channel products use our SimulyzerTM technology that enables the hardware to perform Fibre Channel data generation and Fibre Channel monitoring on the same physical board.
All AIT Fibre Channel products include full-function device driver software for the most popular operating systems, an application interface supporting development environments, as well as a comprehensive set of source code examples. Our Fibre Channel products are available in multiple form factors, integrated into a variety of computer systems.
- Dual Port Data Generator
- Dual Port Analyzer
- Data CorruptorTM
- IRIG-B Time Code Encoder/Decoder
- Physical Bus Replay
- Live Data Capture
- fcXplorer Analyzer, Test and Visualization Tool
Click here to download AIT's ARINC 615A Data Loader Datasheet