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The new SAE Standard AS 6802, or Deterministic Time-Triggered Ethernet, is a natural extension of ARINC 664 and standard IEEE 802.3 for hard, real-time applications. Deterministic TTEthernet is scalable, open, real-time Ethernet. It constantly synchronizes the clocks in all devices to offer "zero jitter" precision timing in the
sub-microsecond range.
Deterministic TTEthernet supports mixed-criticality systems with three traffic classes:
- Time-Triggered traffic (TT), AS6802 compliant
- Shaped traffic, ARINC 664p7 compliant
- Best Effort (BE) standard Ethernet traffic, IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 1588 compliant
Our Deterministic TTEthernet airborne products are designed around DO-178B and DO-254 certified chipsets. They meet environmental specifications and are ideally suited for avionics applications. The ground development, test, and simulation products are available in lab and rugged versions, for a variety of backplanes. Carriers for PXI, VME and VXI will be released soon. All our Deterministic TTEthernet products support standard Ethernet, ARINC 664, and Deterministic Ethernet simultaneously.
AIT is excited to announce our new partnership with TTTech. AIT has a manufacturing and distribution license and will be developing a ground test and simulation product suite complementing TTTech's existing products. These products will be added to this website as they are released. AIT and TTTech are proud to offer enhanced applications support in North America for future Ethernet-based avionics solutions.
AIT will be able to support military applications with U.S. citizens located in our Dayton and Omaha design centers. We plan to support both generic and classified applications without the need to disclose confidential information outside of the U.S.
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