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FireSpy®Bus Analyzer Family
DapTechnology offers a series on IEEE1394 data analyzers which have proven their capabilities in several areas of 1394 testing. The FireSpy®family of analyzers encompasses small, powerful devices with an easy to use graphical user interface that runs on a PC.
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Basic Series
With their initial releases in 2000 and 2003 the FireSpy400 and FireSpy800 have defined new standards for 1394 data analysis. Their unmatched feature set and the outstanding price/performance ratio of the FireSpys have made them the most commonly used 1394 data analyzers in the marketplace.
Please note that the FS400 has been discontinued early 2007.
Advanced Series
The “Advanced Series” of FireSpys redefines 1394 data analysis! Built on top of the proven “Basic Series” this brand-new line features better performance due to a more powerful on-board processor, bus power provider capability, new connectivity interfaces (USB 2.0 and Ethernet, PCI), enhanced Scriptor capabilities and more data capture memory.
FireStealth® is the world’s first “Stealth Mode” IEEE 1394b analyzer. The device does not participate in the bus configuration and thus, no topology reconfiguration and node ID reassignments are performed. FireStealth’s passive personality and non-intrusive behavior renders it invisible to all other devices on the IEEE 1394b bus.
FireSpy1600 is the latest addition to the FireSpy bus analyzer series. It sets a new standard as it pushes the supported speeds to S1600! This new generation of bus analyzer is part of the new suite of products pushing S1600 and - later on 2011 - S3200 speeds.
Triple Series
Utilizing the restructured hardware architecture of the FS810, both the FS3810 and FS3850 offer the industry’s first 3 channel data analysis capability. And multiple units can be chained together (and synchronized) to build 3, 6 and 9 channel systems.
Please note that the FS3850 is also available in a cPCI/PXI configuration (FS3470bT).