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RTNgine is Realtimewave’s recent hard real-time development tool for simulation and testing. RTNgine is comprises of four parts, RTNgineSTE, RTNgineCore, RTNgineDrv and RTNgineUM. RTNgineCore is the core of the software providing real-time performance and running on the VxWorks Real-time Operating System.
RTNgineSTE is a well equipped User Interface Software running on a Windows based Host PC. RTNgineSTE provides all functionalities to control Simulation and Testing on the fly. It is easy to configure all I/O devices and simulation variables using the RTNgineSTE. Just define the GST (Global Simulation Table) and focus on the applications. RTNgine will do all for you!
+ RTNgine Configuration
RTNgine™ Real-Time eNgine for Simulation and Testing
RTNgineSTE RTNgine™ Simulation and Testing Development Environment
RTNgineCore Distributed Real-Time Core Software on Target (VxWorks)
RTNgineDrv Device Drivers for all IO cards, BSP, Firmware on RTNgine™
RTNgineUM RTNgine Software for Universal Mapping between GST and IOT
GST Global Simulation Table
IOT Input Output Table
RTBench SBC, I/O Boards, Host PC, Cable & Connectors, Rack, etc.
- Real-time Integrated System to simulate and test real signals of aircrafts, missiles, satellites, other defense /
  military systems and automotive systems.
- RTNgine is based on VxWorks RTOS, VME CPU Boards and Integrated Input and Output boards including
  MIL-STD-1553B, Arinc429, Digital / Analog interfaces, Serial (RS232 / RS422 / RS485 / SDLC) and Real-time
  interfaces such as SCRAMNet and RFM.
+ Software Architecture